BOYNTON BEACH, FLA (KFDX/KJTL) — A group of good Samaritans saved the day as they rushed to help a driver who was suffering from a medical episode while behind the wheel.

The video shared by the Boynton Beach Police Department shows the group joining together to stop the woman’s vehicle after already crossing the intersection and finally stopping in the ongoing traffic lane.

The Boynton Beach Police Department said that a woman grabbed a dumbbell she had in her vehicle that was used to smash the window on the rear passenger side to gain access inside the vehicle. The car was then able to be put in park by a man who climbed through the window.

The car was then pushed to a parking lot of a 7-Eleven that was close by to the incident where the woman was provided medical attention by a nurse until the fire department arrived on scene.

Boynton Beach Police said they shared the video in hopes of learning the identities of those people who helped save the woman’s life.

Video credit: Boynton Beach Police Department