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If you own an iPhone, your information could have been stolen by Hackers just by visiting a website. It’s a major flaw just discovered by a security team at Google.

This destroys the perception some have that iPhones cannot be hacked. All someone had to do was visit a website. A Google security team discovered a small collection of hacked websites that targeted iPhones.

Take a look at this: Google researchers used an iPhone 8 to visit one of the sites. They found a tracker implanted code on their phone. Hackers could see passwords saved in Keychain, their iMessages, contacts, they made copies of photos stored on the phone and even tracked their location.

Google believes the websites got thousands of visitors each week. And this was going on for about two years. Google disclosed what it found to Apple last February and the company issued an iOS update a few days later.

Apple fans have always criticized the Android platform for being susceptible to hacks and bragged that iPhones were safe. This is further proof that isn’t true. iPhones, like any other device that goes online, can be hacked. They can be used to eavesdrop, earlier this year Apple discovered a bug that allowed people to listen in through someone’s FaceTime microphone without their knowledge.

It is still more difficult to hack an iPhone than an Android device, namely because Android users can install malicious apps from outside the Google Play Store. Apple has a tight grip on what can and cannot be installed on iPhones.

But this is a serious revelation that a mobile device can be hacked just by visiting a website. There is little you can do about it. This shows the importance of installing updates when they become available because most all of them include a patch to fix a security flaw or bug.

Google researchers have not revealed the names or web addresses of the malicious websites.

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