At some point old smartphones start piling up and gathering dust. A phone that you paid
hundreds of dollars for just a few years ago, is now not worth anything. A phone with a cracked
screen is of no value for a trade-in. The good news is there are ways to use an old device
provided it can connect to WiFi.

Alfred is one solution. It’s an app that turns almost any smartphone into a web camera.
Perfect for placing in the kitchen when you’re off on vacation or as a web camera for the baby’s
room. Here’s how it works: once you’ve downloaded the app onto the old phone, you’ll do the
same on your current device.
You’ll be prompted to choose which phone will be used for the camera and which one for the

Then, you’ll need to prop up the old phone with the camera facing what you want to keep an eye on, like the backdoor. You’ll also need to connect it to a wall outlet so the battery doesn’t run down. Wherever you go, as long as you can connect to the internet, you can check in on your kitchen by opening the Alfred app. It’ll also send notifications if it detects movement. A 2-way microphone lets both sides of the camera speak to each other.
Alfred is a free app but a premium version removes ads and allows recording. If you’ve got an
old phone just gathering dust, it’s a great way to find it a second life as a security camera.