Tim Cook stepped in front of the camera earlier this week to introduce Apple’s new line of
MacBook Pro computers. Little did viewers know he was simply stepping in front of the camera
on an iPhone 15 Pro using a free app.
Rather than the stock camera app, Apple opted to shoot the presentation using the free
Blackmagic Cam app that gives filmmakers all of the tools they find on professional video and
digital film cameras.

Blackmagic, the maker of free video editing software and app Davinci Pro, released
Blackmagic Cam in September. Like other dedicated video camera apps, Blackmagic gives
users complete control over ISO, frame rate, shutter angle, white balance, gain, audio levels,
and lens selection on a heads-up display. There is no need to shuffle through a settings menu to
make changes, everything is on the screen.

Having those controls at your fingertip, Blackmagic Cam allows the user to record
professional-looking videos similar to what you see in Hollywood digital films.
I tried it out by mounting an iPhone 14 Pro in a smartphone rig locked down on a tripod.
Adjusting the audio levels, and putting everything in manual mode, I had the ability to
completely change the look of leaves falling from a tree in full sunlight.

Videographers and photographers who understand manual controls will have no trouble
getting great videos using Blackmagic Cam. Casual videographers who prefer to shoot only in
Auto mode can access lots of information and instructional videos to understand which settings
should be changed to turn their videos into Hollywood-style films.
Blackmagic Cam works on iPhones that have been updated to iOS 16 or later and are
equipped with Apple’s A12 chip which is included in iPhone XS and later.
Personally, I cannot believe this is a free app.