Do you spend more time correcting auto-correct than it does correcting you? It seems that
after all this time with auto-correct and predictive text that it would be more accurate but still,
who hasn’t accidentally sent a text message with an embarrassing mistake?
Grammarly is a web browser extension that corrects misspellings, subject-verb agreement, and
other grammar mistakes.

Even if you use Grammarly for Google Docs, PDFs, and web services
you may not know that Grammarly has smartphone apps that do the same thing.
To use the Grammarly app you must add it to your smartphone’s keyboards.
On iPhone, tap settings>general> keyboard> keyboards> and add Grammarly. Be sure to give it
full access.
On Android devices, tap settings>system> Languages & Input> on-screen keyboard and choose
Grammarly. Then you’re set to use the app as your primary keyboard.
Grammarly not only corrects spelling but will offers suggestions to make your text message or
other post better. It offers suggestions of synonyms for example. Type the word “awesome” and
Grammarly suggests “fascinating”, “incredible”, “Amazing”, “Tremendous”, and “remarkable”.
It knows the difference between “there”, “they’re” and “their”. It’s like having an English teacher
correcting your grammar and spelling before you hit send.

Is it perfect right out of the gate? No, but it uses A.I. to build a library of words and names you
use often. I think it must also learn which keys my fingers accidentally tap because it does get
better over time. Grammarly is a free app which is fine for most people. There’s also a paid version that offers many more features such as re-writing sentences to sound more professional.
If you find yourself always tapping the backspace key to correct your mistakes or even
auto-correct mistakes, you might want to try Grammarly.