If you love to cook like I do, you probably search for recipes on your smartphone, tablet, and
computer. What do you do when you find one you want to try? Where do you save it so you can
find it later?
I used to bookmark recipes which left me with pages and pages of links. I tried copying and
pasting them into Evernote and Google Docs but that wasn’t very satisfying either. I know some
people who print out recipes and keep them in old cookbooks.
None of that works well.
There’s an app for that. It’s called SAMSUNG Food. Formerly known as “Whisk”, this cooking
app makes it easy to clip recipes from any source and store them in one place for later.
The other night I searched on my computer for a recipe for nachos. Of course, there were
hundreds posted somewhere online. I found nacho recipes on Pinterest, The New York Times,
dozens of websites devoted to food, and dozens of others on TikTok.

Using SAMSUNG Food, I just tapped on an icon representing a browser extension that I placed
next to the address bar in Google Chrome. That one tap added the recipe to my SAMSUNG
Food app so I could refer to it later. The app displays the ingredients, steps, servings, and
directions along with a photo clipped from the website where I found it.
If you find a recipe you want to try on TikTok, tap the share icon and select SAMSUNG Food
to add it to your saved recipes.
SAMSUNG Food has its own recipes; you can search for any meal, occasion, or dietary
restriction. You can also change the number of servings and the app computes a refreshed list
of ingredients and how much you’ll need. Add your own notes or any changes.
If you find a chef you want to follow you can do that too within the SAMSUNG Food app.
You can also add ingredients for the recipe to a shopping cart and when you get to the
supermarket, all of those ingredients are displayed in categories. All of the produce is in one
place so you won’t find yourself backtracking down the grocery store aisles.
Whisk was my go-to cooking and recipe app and thankfully, all of my saved recipes are still in
my SAMSUNG Food cookbook.

It might not be the only cooking app on your phone but for organizing recipes you find
elsewhere, it’s a huge helper in the kitchen.