It isn’t often that Apple issues a safety warning about its products. iPhones, iPads, and Apple
Watches are made with the highest quality parts that last a very long time. But recently Apple
updated its safety information, warning iPhone users that many people are putting themselves
at risk by charging their phones incorrectly.
Most smartphone users put their phones on charge when they go to bed. That isn’t a
problem, according to Apple, and will not cause damage to the phone. What many people do
though is once connect the phone to a charger, they place it in bed next to themselves. Some
even put it under their pillow so as not to miss a text message.
In its update, Apple says putting the phone close to you for an extended period of time could
give you an electrical shock, or it could even catch on fire.
The recent warning posted to Apple’s updated safety information says “Prolonged heat
exposure can cause the battery to cause discomfort or injury.”
The reason? Batteries just aren’t built to withstand heat for very long.
Apple warns iPhone users not to place the phone under a blanked, pillow, or your body when it’s
connected to a charger. It should be placed face-up on a wireless charger or flat on a table.
What about the charging cable? Apple says it’s fine to use cables and chargers that are MiA,
or “Made for iPhone”, but, and this is important, cheap, flimsy charging cables that you see in
gas stations or discount stores pose a risk of damaging the battery or causing a fire. You should
also be aware of any counterfeit MiA charging cables that are widely available on the internet.
You might be able to get away with using the cheap chargers in a pinch, they should not be
used with any unattended phone. Such as when you’re sleeping.
This is important safety information for any smartphone. They all use the same battery