It’s the cat-and-mouse game many shoppers play before and during the holidays. Is it better
to wait until Black Friday to purchase a popular gadget or do you risk the chance it could be sold
out? Since many Black Friday sales have already begun you may not find much of a savings if
you wait until after Thanksgiving.

How do you know what could sell out before Black Friday? You just have to look at Google and
what people are searching for. Google has released its Holiday 100, the most searched-for
items this year to help you decide whether it’s best to wait or buy them now.
Bird watchers are going coo-coo over these bird feeders.

The Bird Buddy is the most searched-for bird feeder this year. It has a camera that triggers any time a feathered friend flies in for a snack. It also identifies the species and records the birds dining in your yard.
Searches for e-bikes have been strong all year and while there are many to choose from, some
brands and styles could ride out of the stores before you get a chance. And prices have
dropped, I found the Bird e-bike about $120 less than last Christmas.

Searches for smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series 9 spike around Christmas.
So do searches for mini projectors like the Nebula capsule projector and these from ViewSonic
that are small enough to fit in a back pocket. Google says trackers like the Tile and Apple Air Tags are popular searches this year. So are point-and-shoot cameras like the Sony ZV-1 Mark II are hot items this year. As far as toys go, It isn’t a Rubik’s Cube, but these light-up electronic cube puzzles are being searched for. The GoCube teaches how to solve the puzzle.

And while it isn’t tech, one of the more curious items this Christmas is human dog beds.
Searches are up over 1-thousand percent this year.
I’m not suggesting all of these items will sell out since there isn’t an expectation of any
supply-chain issues, but they are on the lists of other shoppers. If you see a deal now, it might
be wise to beat the rush.