What The Tech: Internet of Things


Is the internet of things all it’s cracked up to be?

Maybe, maybe not, or maybe not right now.

Technology that connects much of what we use today is called ‘the internet of things” or IOT.

Smartphones, smart watches, smart light bulbs, connected thermostats, televisions and driverless cars are all part of the technology that excites those familiar with tech culture.

It may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

At the moment. Samsung is one company aiming to make homes smarter by connecting all types of devices that can be controlled by smartphones.

Scott Cohen, Samsung’s New Product Manager says “In the bedroom we’re showing a new way to wake up. Where your smartphone, which is generally your alarm clock will, instead of just giving you buzzing, it can turn on your radio, give you some soft music to listen to.”

Isn’t that what a 1980’s clock radio can do?

That’s what all smartphones can do with a free app or just an app that came with the phone.

Sure Samsung is connecting more things like coffee makers that start brewing on a schedule created with a smartphone.

Automatic coffee makers have had timers for decades.

The company also touts that with new technology a smartphone can turn on the television.

Hmm, you mean like a remote control?

Samsung and other companies claim to be pushing us toward the “Jetsons” age, but in many ways we’ve been there for years.

Samsung’s smart home hubs will do some impressive things such as connect a car to a smartphone.

At CES in Las Vegas the company showcased a BMW that it claims will start with a voice command on a phone, then drive itself to your front door.

But that technology is years away from being widely available.

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