WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) —Wichita County Courthouse will be going ‘in the dark’ starting Monday through Friday, that’s because they’ll be converting a substantial amount of data into a new three-million dollar software system called Odyssey.

“It’s a change in the concept of court software administration and so we moved to that two years ago, started this migration to that and now’s the time to flip the switch,” Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom said.

Offices within the courthouse have been working to transfer data to the new system for the last two years, a process that can be very lengthy and tedious when you consider how many decades of records the county has to transfer.

“Actually on the computer we go back to the 1800’s,” Wichita County District Clerk Patti Flores said. “The indexing and everything and we’ve gone back and checked to make sure from one system to the other system that it was there, it matched up. A few things we’ve had to tweak or say, well this is missing and they realize it’s missing and the next push that they call the data was there, so it’s an ongoing process and this last data push is today at 5 o’clock, that’s why we can’t put anything else on.”

With the promise of a system that is easy for the public to use… Wichita County officials said all the work and headaches that come with the transfer will be worth it.

“We always have all these different numbers we try to keep up with on people,” Judge Gossom said. “Their bookend number, their case number. People are gonna be able to be found by their name or their alias, it’s gonna tie those things together.”

Judge Gossom also said while there is work to do, the end is in sight, with the new software system expected to be up and running next Monday.

“Don’t think I can’t get anything done at the courthouse,” Judge Gossom said.