A Wichita Falls couple are charged with child abuse in connection to discipline of a 14-year-old boy police say was ‘unreasonable.’

37-year-old Buford Whisenant Jr. and 41-year-old Jennifer Nash were jailed on $25,000 bonds for injury to a child/family violence.

Police were called to the boy’s school last Friday, because he had  injuries  to his abdomen and chest.
According the arrest affidavits:

The boy told them when he came home from school the day before, Whisenant and Nash made him stand and stare at a strip of duct tape on the wall, while holding cans of peas and moving his hands up and down. 

He said if he quit looking at the tape, Whisenant shot him with an air soft gun.
He said he also was made to do squats and when his legs locked up, and he was shot again.
Then he was told to do pushups and when he could do no more, he said Whisenant struck him in the chest, stomach and legs with a bar of soap in a pillowcase.
Officers say both suspects admitted  shooting and forcing the boy to do the activities, as a form of discipline which included allowing him only Ramen Noodles to eat.