WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — This event was a little different than the other cookie-cutter mayoral debates.

This one had tremendous community involvement and a rather lively audience participation and support of the event. Ron Kitchens, the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce thought an event like this would allow for the community to rally around their potential mayor.

“I think the idea is we want to celebrate the candidates who run, and it takes incredible courage to put your name on a ballot and run and put yourself out there,” said Kitchens. “We want to celebrate that. We want to know what their vision is for the community in the future. We want to know who they are as people, and we want to build a consensus that whoever is elected, we are going to rally around them and celebrate them.”

This event proved to be a huge success and bonding experience for those running for office and the community.