WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)— The winners were Hometex, Alley Alley Business Services, Snooki’s Restaurant and Catering, and Seasons Eating. Each contestant took home a piece of that fifty thousand dollars.  

Out of six finalists, four received cash awards on Wednesday, October 18, 2023.

Hometex and Alley Alley Business Services won $5,000, and Snooki’s Restaurant and Catering grabbed $15,000. Still, Seasons Eating took home the biggest amount of money totaling $25,000.  Co-owner, Kara Artigue, was at a loss for words after winning.

 “It’s unbelievable first of all. It’s amazing. The process was amazing, the learning experience was amazing, so this just tops the cake so to speak,” Artigue said.

The Couple, Todd and Kara Artigue, who owns Seasons Eating a gluten and sugar free snack company. Joined I.D.E.A WF back in February 2023, with hopes of standardizing their production.

 “We are going to finalize the kitchen, the manufacturing kitchen, and we are going to finalize the development packaging logos. We are going to buy the machinery that is needed to mass produce,” Kara Artigue said.

 After months of preparation and getting close to the competition, the duo was surprised to take home one of the prizes let alone the full amount they were hoping for in the first place. Todd and Kara consider themselves blessed to have made it this far. They started out by simply selling granola bars at the farmer’s market and now, they look to be in grocery stores.

Artique mentioned, “It’s just amazing that Wichita Falls has embraced us this way. I want to thank God that He has been in all of this. Everyone has really come out strong and they show love for our products.”