WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man accused of having more than one DWI arrest is facing 10-years in prison.

Billboards and electronic signs on many highways remind drivers that if they drink and drive, they could end up behind bars. And, for one repeat offender, that warning became a reality. Christopher DeHoyos was sentenced in the 30th District Court to two, 10-year sentences for DWI. The two sentences will be served concurrently.

When DeHoyos was arrested on March 12, 2023, for a DWI, police say he had two prior convictions. On the day in question, an officer saw DeHoyos in the drive-through line of Whataburger on Central Freeway. He was apparently passed out with the engine of the truck running, his chin on his chest, and drooling. The officer said he woke DeHoyos up and had him step out of the vehicle.

The officer could smell alcohol. He said DeHoyos’ speech was slurred; and, when asked if he could perform a field sobriety test, DeHoyos kept repeating over and over, “I just want to help you.” So, the officer abandoned the test. He said DeHoyos refused to consent to a blood draw so a warrant for one was obtained. Following the March 12th arrest, DeHoyos was arrested the next month on Scott Street on another DWI charge. DeHoyos’ 46 arrests include six for DWI, several for public intoxication, open container, drug possession, and evading arrest.