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Wichita Falls residents launch bid for 13th Congressional District seat


Two Wichita Falls residents are making their case to voters after is launching bids to replace Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX), who is leaving the 13th congressional district after 24 years of service.

Kevin McInturff has a political science background, receiving a bachelor of science degree from Howard Payne University. He later got his MBA from Midwestern State University. McInturff entered the race because he said he wants to bring healing.

“I want to be a person that can go and represent the people here in North Texas, but also build bridges and mend fences,” McInturff said. “This is my primary goal and this is something that I hope to do so that people up there in Washington can start working together again and start working as a bipartisan group and start getting things done that people care most about.”

McInturff said he stands for the core republican values, which includes that belief that the government should be smaller, smarter and more efficient.

“At the same time, I’m not here to say that I’m not willing to work with democrats,” McInturff said. “I would invite people who are either republicans, democrats or libertarians to come check out my website. See what I have to say. I’m more interested in hearing what people have to say than me telling you what to do.”

Right now, McInturff believes Congress can’t get anything done because it’s in a state of gridlock.

“I just believe people are sick and tired of fighting,” McInturff said. “Nothing is getting done and it’s not getting anyone anywhere. I’m just tired of it personally and I think a lot of people are. If you are tired of the fighting and all the mess that is going on in Washington and if you are ready for people to go there to work on your behalf to bring some point of civility and order to things. Vote for me because that’s what I plan on doing.”

Monique Worthy is also entering the race. Her campaign slogan? Make Congress Great Again.

“You got democrats, who want to stonewall, and you got republicans, who are just sitting back like the nanny who just can’t control the kids,” Worthy said. “I want to get up there and control some things. Get some stuff together because there is stuff that can be worked on and should be worked on that we just aren’t working on because we’re too busy fighting.”

Making her first bid for public office, Worthy fell in love with politics during the 2008 election cycle while incarcerated. During that time, she became an avid listener of conservative radio talk shows.

The Wichita Falls native said even though a majority in the black and LGBTQ community identify as democrats, Worthy, who is also transgender, believes she is the outspoken, openly conservative candidate the 13th district needs.

“Black people are mostly Christian and we mostly believe in things that the bible teaches us,” Worthy said. “We believe in not spending so frivolously. We believe in thrift. This is what our core beliefs are in. Most of us don’t believe in abortion. You ask any black person around, they want to keep their babies. It was a mistake, but ‘hey we have to live with them.”

Her political beliefs also include making sure those who enter this country do so legally.

“They like to say that they are taking jobs that Americans just won’t do,” Worthy said. “That’s not true. I know plenty of Americans who will get out there and work some construction and stuff like that if you paid them the right dollar.”

Worthy and McInturff are preparing to file for spots on the ballot in November — while also getting the word out about where they on the issues that impact Texans.

The filing deadline is December 9.

Learn more about Kevin McInturff here.

You can follow the Monique Worthy campaign here.

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