WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)— Wichita Falls police arrested two people after SWAT and negotiators responded to a disturbance Saturday.

According to WFPD spokesman Sgt. Charlie Eipper, Nicole Ramirez, 27 said she and her boyfriend, Thomas Salazar 34, were both arrested after police responded to an address on Hooper Drive. Eipper said the two were arguing because Salazar would not let Ramirez leave. A witness told officers that he is the victim’s ex-fiancé and that Thomas had assaulted, given Ramirez a black eye.

The WFPD SWAT team members and negotiators responded to the scene because there were weapons reportedly present, and the subjects would not exit the home. Police arrived, and the two subjects had already been detained and bruising had been spotted under Ramirez’s eye.

Ramirez told officers she had inflicted an injury on herself and that no one hit her.

A witness told police that she was contacted by the victim’s ex-fiancé early that day. The witness said the “ex” told her that the victim told him previously that she got the black eye from Thomas hitting her. The witness claimed that the ex-fiancé had photographed the victim’s injury and sent it to her.

The victim was speaking quietly during the phone call with the witness, leaving the witness to believe the phone to be on speaker and that Thomas was listening, possibly influencing how the victim answered.

Thomas was taken into custody and transported to the Wichita County Jail to prevent further violence. Officers said they believe Thomas committed assault family Violence. Thomas’s has one prior conviction for assault family violence in 2010, according to police.