WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)— There is a new hair salon in Wichita Falls, but this one is mobile.

Shyann Atlanta Carroll’s vision along with her creativity caused her to create a hair shop with a pun to go as the signature name,”Shylanta’s Studio.”

Carroll said she wanted to be her own boss while working in other salons but realized she did not have the funds to rent out a building. Carroll then went on to renovate an old camper into her dream salon. While combing the internet she got the idea to transform a school bus, but later realized she already had something better: her parents’ camper.

“My parents had bought a camper they weren’t using it and I was like can I can turn it into a salon, and they were like sure let’s do it,” Carroll said.

The camper was beat up so Shyann and her family went to work to renovate the space.

The transformation is stunning bringing Carroll’s vision to life, “I love the green I love the disco ball, we got to have a little bit of that cowgirl flair in there,” Carroll said. “I feel like I don’t know I love a groovy girl theme.”

The camper took almost a full year for Carroll and her parents to fully complete. Shylanta’s Studio is officially a full service salon with a very talented cosmetologist in Shyann and an even cooler space to get glammed in.

Shyann and her family are so proud of all the work they put into this salon and she can’t wait to travel around to events in her new ride!

To check out Shyann’s salon click here.