WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — One local kid with a passion for cooking is using his talents to impact the less fortunate in our community. It’s a mission his whole family has become involved in.

For these three, helping others is something that runs in the family.

“We decided to become a community home ministry. We also go in the community to certain places anywhere to minister, help out, and to give to people,” Tonya Reyes-Dickerson said.

Tonya and Lonnie Dickerson are both ordained ministers who have always aimed to touch lives. Their son, Damian, better known as “Chef Turtle D” though, is the real star of the show now, continuing their efforts, but through food

“When I was nine years old, my mom came back from the hospital from a stroke, and she couldn’t eat solid foods, so I had to blend up foods for her,” Damian “turtle” Reyes said.

Turtle says it was his mother’s health challenges that inspired him to stay in the kitchen, getting so good that he even caught our attention.

“I saw a contest, and one of the meals that I gave her were Mung Bean Pancake Kimchi with sesame chicken on the side, and that’s actually what I won y’alls “Texoma’s Junior Chef” with and that inspired me to have my own shop, own food,” Reyes said.

So these days he goes to local pop-ups and vendor shows, selling his assorted sauces and foods but all of his profits? Well he isn’t saving up the money for the latest new toy or gadget, but instead, uses it to buy items for the homeless.

“That’s something he decided. like, he’s seen what we did, and he decided to do it,” Reyes said.

“I’m proud of him. I really am. at times, I feel like he doesn’t realize it, but I am,” Lonnie Dickerson said.

“In the future, I hope that we get it out of my home, and we get a big building with the ministry on one side and Turtle D’s on the other,” Reyes said.

A dream he knows can come true with continued support from this community, and well of course his love for cooking

“My favorite part is the taste of it because every chef has to taste his food to see if it’s good or not,” Reyes said.

This mission is surely a recipe for success. You can find more information on Turtle D’s by clicking here. and Eye of the Tiger Ministries by clicking here. They are both accepting donations to help expand their businesses.