WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Five candidates are running for the seat that was left vacant after Drew Springer was recently elected to Texas Senate District 30.

Two of these candidates are Jacksboro attorney David Spiller and Nocona businessman Craig Carter, who may be a familiar face.

David Spiller has served as city attorney in Jacksboro for over 30 years. Now he’s throwing his hat into the race for Texas Representative District 68.

“I’m a rural conservative,” Spiller said. “I look forward to advancing and defending the conservative principles beliefs and values of this district.”

Along with Spiller is Craig Carter. The Nocona businessman also ran for state Senate in 2020 and 2018.

“With Drew winning and stepping out of the House seat, now is my time. I kind of sat back in the last race and wasn’t very engaged. We’re engaged this time,” Carter said.

Along with being City Attorney, Spiller has been general counsel to the Jack County Hospital District for 30 years and also has a private law practice with his two sons. He believes he can be the voice for the rural residents in District 68.

“I’ll fight for lower taxes, support the right to life, defend the Second Amendment, I will fight for rural schools, rural hospitals which I know very well. I’ll fight for rural broadband and internet access across the district because that is a problem throughout our district,” Spiller said.

Carter said he has helped improve issues like high-speed internet and lack of jobs in rural areas by fighting for internet in Nocona and by supplying jobs with his businesses Nocona Boot Factory and Nocona Beer and Brewery.

“Walking through COVID, I didn’t feel like I had any representation. I felt like everyone was on vacation,” Carter said. “I go after it every day and make sure I’m defending people that don’t have a voice. The people of District 68 can count on me to be their voice.”

With the 87th legislature beginning on January 12and election day being on the 23, both men agree that getting a representative to Austin as soon as possible is a priority.

“We don’t have time for on the job training. We need someone that’s trained and knowledgeable and experienced that can get that job done and start in immediately and work toward that and I feel like I’m the guy that can do that,” Spiller said.

“No one’s getting results. The people’s voice are not being heard and I will go to Austin demanding that we will be heard and we will get results,” Carter said.

Charles Gregory, the lone Democratic candidate, declined an interview.