SEYMOUR (KFDX/KJTL) — Four women were chosen as finalists for Texoma’s Remarkable Women Initiative as we celebrate Women’s History Month.

All four women have made major contributions to their communities, and one of them has been named Texoma’s Remarkable Woman who will represent the area and be nominated for Nexstar’s Woman of the Year award.

Congratulations to Kimberly Stevenson of Seymour, this year’s Texoma’s Remarkable Woman.

Stevenson started the Seymour Helping Hands organization with the goal of just helping out her neighbors.

The organization has since grown much farther than she imagined, with a Facebook group that has a thousand members.

“We switched our focus from just one or two little things to ‘What does the community need?’ And that’s kind of where it grew from there,” Stevenson said. “We said okay, let’s form a board, and we ended up being a 501.C.3. And now I’m amazed when I do things for it, what all we’ve accomplished.”

Stevenson will travel to Los Angeles to represent our area and be up for consideration for Nexstar’s Woman of the Year award.