WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — As we continue our Remarkable Women journey in Texoma, we would like to shine the light on a face familiar to so many in our community. This woman has made a name for herself in Wichita Falls for her many charitable acts and her dedication being so great, she has actually made it into a career.

Pam Hughes Pak is known for her countless roles in the Wichita Falls community. She’s a friend, a philanthropist, and a native Wichitan. But for her, the most important roles she plays are the ones within her own household.

“I’m a mother first,” Hughes Pak said. “The most important aspect of my life is being a good mother.”

Ensuring every available moment in her busy schedule doesn’t go to waste.

“I have a senior in high school and the time that I get to spend with him is in the mornings,” Hughes Pak said. “So every morning I make him breakfast and make sure he’s good to go and make him lunch and send him on his way and get to see his happy face.”

She’s also a doting wife to her husband, Samuel Pak.

“I enjoy the company of being a wife to somebody who’s also my best friend,” Hughes Pak said. “We are like-minded in many ways.”

One of their commonalities is their desire to give back to their beloved community.

“We love Wichita Falls and we love being a part of something that might make a difference in the world,” Hughes Pak said. “Our little world is important so we try to stay involved in the community and help where we can.”

Pam’s dedication to the Wichita Falls community is seen in the various organizations which she devotes her time. She serves 15 different area nonprofits, including Child Care Partners, Project Back to School, Meals On Wheels, and the Center’s Walk for Life, just to name a few. For six of the non-profits, Hughes Pak serves as a member and for seven, she serves as a board and committee chair. She said making a positive impact is not just her passion, but also her duty.

“I think that it’s my responsibility to give back and give to those in need and there were times when I was in need,” Hughes Pak said. “I was a single mom for twelve years and you know, I think all of the experiences and the struggles that I went through made me more empathetic to other people’s needs.”

Needs she now strives to meet even in her full-time position as manager of public affairs for Atmos Energy.

“It makes me so grateful to be a part of a company that wants to contribute so much for the community, wants to actually show that they care,” Hughes Pak said.

You’ve probably seen her in countless pictures where she is handing out ginormous checks to nonprofits throughout the city. She’s become the face of these charitable acts, but Jean Hall, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters, said Hughes Pak’s impact goes far beyond what any picture could capture.

“I know what she’s doing for a living is authentic,” Hall said. “It matches with who she is as a person because I have seen her for so many years out volunteering and giving and raising money, and now she gets to be the one who’s the face of the company giving the money away. But I know her heart is authentic in that.”

Hall said it’s more than just the monetary sentiment that makes Pam’s impact stand out. It’s her willingness to roll up her sleeves and do the work necessary to create long-lasting change.

“It’s not that hard to find somebody that will write a check once or who will show up once and help out,” Hall said. “But to find somebody who’s dependable and you know they’re always going to be there and they invest their time in it, that’s rare and it’s vital. We could not do what we do here at Big Brothers Big Sisters without people like her who are willing to keep showing up.”

While any opportunity for free time is few and far between, Pam doesn’t see herself slowing down anytime soon.

“I don’t ever see myself leaving this company, so I’ll be with Atmos and I’ll be in Wichita Falls,” Hughes Pak said. “I was born here, I was raised here, I love it and the best part about this place are the people that live here. My family is here, my grassroots are here, and that’s where I see myself. In the same spot just more experienced.”

Though her dedication will remain the same, Hughes Pak is preparing for the next phase of her life, that of an empty nester. She plans on travelling every chance she can to visit her son when he goes off to college later this year.