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Which pirate sword is best?

Do you know a kid who loves pirates? Whether they want to be a pirate for a costume party or simply love pretending to play on the high seas, every little seafaring adventurer needs a good toy pirate sword. Take a look at these CG Games Wooden Pirate Swords for a beautifully crafted set made from high quality materials.

What to know before you buy a pirate sword

There are so many directions you can take in selecting a pirate sword, from simple foam toys to elaborate battery-powered toys. A child’s age plays an important role in choosing a pirate sword, and so does how they intend to use it. Is the sword mostly for play at home or for show as part of a Halloween costume? Pirate swords designed to look amazing in party photos aren’t always the most durable or practical for play. 

Foam, plastic or wood

The most popular materials for toy swords include foam, plastic and wood. The child’s age plays a big factor in choosing the material. Kids 3-5 years old benefit from foam swords that have no hard edges. Children 6 or older might think foam swords are for babies and want something more elaborate made from plastic or wood. Keep in mind that wood is heavier than plastic and that if you’re looking for a sword that lights up and makes sounds, it will be made from plastic. 

Considering a child’s favorite pirate

If a child likes pirates in general, any pirate sword will do — but if they like pirates because they love a certain movie or television series, they’ll want a sword that looks just like the one their favorite character uses. Two of the most popular entertainment franchises that sell their own specially designed swords are “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” (for younger kids) and “Pirates of the Caribbean” (for older kids).

Single swords vs. sword pairs

Even if you are only shopping for one pirate-loving child, you might want to look at sets that come with at least two swords. Single swords are great for costumes and individual pretend play but a set is more practical for play dates or siblings so your little pirate has someone to play pirates with. 

What to look for in a quality pirate sword

Signature pirate flourishes

You should be able to recognize a toy pirate sword right away. Kids are discerning when it comes to toys and will be disappointed if they think they’ve received a knight’s sword instead of a pirate’s sword even if the package said “pirate.” A pirate sword typically has markers and flourishes such as a curved blade tip and a guard on the hilt to protect the hand (though with toys this part is for show). It might be marketed as a “saber” or “buccaneer sword” if it’s not labeled clearly as a pirate sword. 

Depth and dimension

A really good toy pirate sword isn’t flat and basic. Even a foam sword should have some color and shaping to the blade and handle that make it look lively and three-dimensional.


Even a costume sword needs to be well constructed so it can be swung around and used lightly without cracking or losing faux gemstones or other fine details. Usability is especially important when it comes to swords that are for play. The sword must be safe to use but must also be able to take quite a bit of rough handling without the blade splitting, ripping or cracking. 

How much you can expect to spend on a pirate sword

A mass produced toy pirate sword can cost $10-$25 while a handmade or custom one can cost $20-$60.

Pirate sword FAQ

How long is a pirate sword?

A. Depending on the age group the sword is designed for, a children’s pirate sword can be anywhere between 8-20 inches in length.

What other pirate accessories will match the sword?

A. Fun pirate accessories that will complement the sword include a pirate hat, spyglass, Spanish doubloons or pirate treasure.

What are the best pirate swords to buy?

Top pirate sword

CG Games Wooden Pirate Swords

CG Games Wooden Pirate Swords

What you need to know: This set comes with three natural beechwood pirate swords in three lengths (15.3 inches, 17.7 inches and 18.5 inches) for children 5 years old and up.

What you’ll love: The three swords are great for playdates or siblings. They are well-constructed with great detailing. They’re eco-friendly with no plastics, chemicals or toxic materials. A carrying bag comes included. 

What you should consider: The sword tips are not as durable as they should be for pretend play.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Etsy

Top pirate sword for the money

Liontouch Pirate Foam Toy Saber

Liontouch Pirate Foam Toy Saber

What you need to know: This 19.69-inch foam pirate sword is designed for children 3-8 years old.

What you’ll love: It’s durable and colorful with fun pirate details all over. It’s constructed from five layers of soft ethyl vinyl acetate foam so it’s flexible, lightweight and safe for younger users.

What you should consider: It only comes in one size and color scheme.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Charmly Pirate Costume Set with Sword

Charmly Pirate Costume Set with Sword

What you need to know: This 17.7-inch plastic sword comes with a pirate hat, eye patch and hand hook for kids 3 and up.

What you’ll love: The sword has a beautifully detailed hilt and comes with fun accessories for costuming or pretend play. With these extras, it comes in at a great price.

What you should consider: The sword is not very durable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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