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Which double-sided tapes are best?

Double-faced tape is great for binding one surface to another without creating the mess that glue can. Depending on the materials, glue might be more trouble than good. Attaching a strip of tape that is sticky on both sides could be easier and faster.

If you are looking for the best double-coated tape, Scotch Permanent Double-Sided Tape w/Desktop Dispenser is the best choice. With multiple rolls of double-sided tape and a desktop dispenser, it has everything you need to use right away and equips your office space with the tape you need for a while.

What to know before you buy double-sided tape

Do you have a dispenser?

Depending on the size of double-sided tape rolls, you may or may not need a new tape dispenser. Consider the size of tape that would work for your purposes before you purchase any particular roll refill or kit that includes a dispenser. If you have a tape dispenser that you already like to use, you may be able to save money by picking out a type of double-sided tape that you can load into the dispenser you already own. If you do not have a dispenser, consider finding a bundle that comes with a quality dispenser in addition to the double-sided tape.

What size do you want?

Tape comes in many size options, whether double-sided or not. Some very thin tapes about 1 cm wide will be ideal for small craft needs. Tapes with a width of about 2 cm or a .5-inch scale similar to generic one-sided tape rolls can be more convenient to use with a dispenser that you already own. Some particularly small double-sided tapes would not be easily refillable and usually come pre-loaded in disposable applicators.

Do you need a very strong adhesive?

If you need something that will provide the best permanent stick and heavy-duty glue is not a preferable option, you might want to check out double-sided Gorilla tape or 3 M VHB. The most powerful double-sided tapes will probably be unnecessary for most of your daily office or crafting needs, but consider what you may need for your projects before purchasing a tape.

What to look for in quality double-sided tape


The best options have a thin protective liner that you can easily remove. Some applicators are designed to remove the thin protective liner on one side of the tape. Depending on individual needs, double-sided tapes with liners may not be ideal. If you need a type with a liner, the protective layer on the top should be easy to remove and reveal the adhesive tape’s second side.


Most double-sided tape may not hold up under rough handling, but it should be sturdy and sticky enough to efficiently bond one surface to another. If you avoid glue in favor of double-sided tape, producing a clean result is probably top of the priority list. Remember that a stable and durable adhesive is essential too, or some other method of sticking materials could be a more sturdy option.

Fast drying

Better double-sided tapes will be able to stick quickly and stay in place. If the speed of achieving total bonding is a concern, get double-sided tape that dries quickly to secure a connection. Most will hold decently after several minutes, but it could take more time to adhere properly with maximum strength depending on the brand and materials.

How much you can expect to spend on double-sided tape

You can get a smaller dispenser and tape for less than $10. If you want better quality tape, equipment or just larger quantities, expect to spend more.

double-sided tape FAQ

How do you remove a liner from double-sided tape?

A. It can be a little tricky, depending on the style of the tape. Before placing one side of the tape down, try lifting the corner of the liner and folding it over or attaching a little tab to make the liner easier to peel off once the adhesive is already in place on one side. Some double-sided tapes do not require users to remove the liner, so if you have trouble, it might be better to get a dispenser designed to remove the liner as you apply the tape.

Is double-sided tape really permanent?

A. In the sense that a light-duty tape solution would probably be able to be pulled apart with force, you cannot expect tape to hold up permanently. However, double-sided tape is generally designed to be a permanent solution for affixing two papers or materials together. If you are concerned about tape not being sturdier enough for your purposes, you may have to use glue instead.

What’s the best double-sided tape to buy?

Top double-sided tape

Scotch Permanent double-sided Tape w/Desktop Dispenser

Scotch Permanent double-sided Tape w/Desktop Dispenser

What you need to know: This value set of six half-inch wide rolls comes with a classic tape dispenser so that you can use it immediately out of the box.

What you’ll love: The dispenser has a weighted base and slide-resistant bottom for easy use. The tape creates a mess-free light-duty stick that permanently attaches materials. More refill rolls can be purchased separately and used in a regular tape dispenser of the same .5-inch scale.

What you should consider: It comes with a standard desktop tape dispenser, so if you already have one you like to use, it would be better just to get the double-sided tape refills.

Where to buy: Sold by Staples

Top double-sided tape for the money

Amazon Basics double-sided Adhesive Tape

Amazon Basics double-sided Adhesive Tape

What you need to know: This affordable and compact dispenser comes with 32 feet of quarter-inch double-sided tape.

What you’ll love: The disposable applicator has an easily removable cap. The dispenser is handheld and dragged along a surface to easily apply the tape. It is lightweight and does not take up much space with your other office supplies.

What you should consider: The double-sided tape requires a few minutes to dry properly and maintain its stick, but it works faster than liquid tape or glue sticks.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Scotch Permanent double-sided Tape w/ Refillable Dispenser

Scotch Permanent double-sided Tape w/ Refillable Dispenser

What you need to know: This set of three dispensers comes with three rolls of double-sided tape, making it a quick and convenient solution for crafts or office supplies.

What you’ll love: The dispensers are simple plastic holders that you can easily refill with more tape rolls. The permanent adhesive tape does not dry out and is photo-safe. It provides a very clean appearance for various projects.

What you should consider: The simple plastic dispensers included are not extremely sturdy and users have had trouble separating the cover side from the tape.

Where to buy: Sold by Staples


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