As the 2018 Winter Olympics wraps up, it’s time to look ahead to the next Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020.

Two years from now, surfing makes its debut as an Olympic sport. But at the Tokyo 2020 Japan House, you don’t have to wait to ride the waves.

“In this Tokyo 2020 Japan House, almost every single day there are 10,000 visitors,” said Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee member Hiroyuki Kobayashi. “We made Tokyo 2020 Japan House here to promote and appeal to all visitors so that we can make them visit Tokyo in 2020 as well, like they’re in PyeongChang.”

Inside the house, visitors can actually be in PyeongChang and in Tokyo all at the same time.

“In Tokyo Travellers’ Corner, you can feel the 3-D scanner of the Japanese cutting-edge technology. We can make our own avatar, and we can be into the screen with the background of the Tokyo city,” Kobayashi said.

There’s a reason the 2020 Olympics are expected to be the most innovative games in history, and the 2020 games will showcase Japanese culture.

“We hope many people can visit here and feel and see what Japan has,” Kobayashi said.