The ice dancing competition is not usually known for controversy, but it has had its fair share of mishaps this Winter Games.

And of course, each of those moments has gone viral.

Twitter exploded when viewers noticed the song Despacito was used by three different teams as the song continues to blare on car radios.

Fans on social media are begging for more commentary during the ice skating routines from beloved Olympian Adam Rippon and comedian Leslie Jones.

The two commented on Canada’s jaw-dropping performance from the pair who is now leading the pack.

Jones said, “are they getting in trouble for how sexy they are?”

Rippon added that he could actually feel his hair growing from goosebumps when he watched the incredible skate.

France’s dance team didn’t escape the chatter online either.

Early in their routine, the pair suffered after an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. But despite the distraction, the dynamic duo pulled off an epic performance and is currently in second place.

Tonight Team USA has one final shot at glory as the iconic couples prepare for their last Olympic event.