NBC Correspondent Jay Gray is being called the most interesting man among journalists covering the Winter Olympics in South Korea this year.

Gray, who has been with NBC for more than a decade, spends more than 200 days of the year on the road.

“Packing is kind of an issue. Especially for me because I could be in one area and get a call to go somewhere else where the weather is completely different,” he said. “I always have a run bag with a coat in it, some boots and I’m ready to go.”

Form hard-hitting news to showing off his quirky personality on the air, Jay Gray does it all. He’s covered nine Olympics now for NBC and raves about PyeongChang.

“It’s been fantastic. They’re really treating us well,” Gray said. “I think they’ve done a great job with the facilities.”

Living out of a suitcase and always being on call in case of breaking news isn’t for everyone. But Gray says the potential impact of his reports keeps him passionate about his job.

“Sharing those important stories, stories that change lives, the stories that make a difference in our country. I still love being able to share that information,” he said.

After the Olympics wrap up, Gray hopes to spend some time at home with his family in Dallas. He also hopes to see more Olympic action in Tokyo in 2020.