On the Eastern coast of Korea, everyone is all bundled up at the beach in February. In below freezing temperatures, most people joke about jumping in, which is why two guys stripping down on the sand caught my attention.

“It’s really crazy. I didn’t believe they were really go in there because I thought it was a joke,” beach visitor Victoria Myung said.

But, they were serious and it wasn’t a dare. The teenagers’ decision to take the polar plunge is something they call the Russian Challenge.

“Our style, Russian style, yes, crazy Russian style,” one teen said.

Simon, 15, explained the plunge is part of his own twist on the Korean New Year. Simon lives in South Korea but is from Russia.

“It’s the first day of a new 2018 year. I am doing 2018 push-ups,” he added.

For the record, the temperatures were in the teens that day and the water temperature was about 40 degrees.