SEYMOUR (KFDX/KJTL) — The Seymour Rodeo is an event that has been around for more than a century.

Jocelyn Reaves says it’s the commitment from the community and people from out of town that have kept it going.

“It’s been going around for 126 years and so it’s really popular within our community, and we have a lot of community members that enjoy doing it every year even though it’s really hot. It’s something everybody looks forward to every year,” Rodeo Association Secretary Jocelyn Reaves said.

It was in 1896 when Seymour had its first rodeo at a football field, but years later, rodeo officials decided it was best to get new grounds.

“They bought these grounds here that we are standing on today and it took several fish fries and fundraisers and they got it completed in 1984 and had their first rodeo here,” Seymour Rodeo President Shed Sturgeon said.

At the event, people can enjoy many outdoor activities and live music by Texas Country artists.

West Huggins, who has been a rodeo announcer for 25 years, says this is a big reunion for everyone in the area.

“This rodeo has all-year regular rodeo events that includes the buck n’ horses, the rope, and the barrel racing, especially the bull riding, and we also have a few extra events that are here locally like our mud and busting, double mugging, and some junior barrels rodeo. Here in Seymour, it’s pretty important because this is one of the, if not, the longest continuing rodeo in the state of Texas,” Huggins said.

For many years traditions have been made especially for cowboys who have grown up to be experts at working with horses.

“There might be five generations of cowboys starting from all the way down through it, cowboys that work with each other that they help with other people. Cowboys, young kids you know they help mentor them along with their own parents,” Seymour Rodeo Vice President Jeff Anderle said.

Saturday, July 9, is the last day of the event.

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