WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Whether you’re new or a seasoned vet, cycling is for everyone.

Members of the local cycling group Couch to 50-Miler shared more information on the benefits of bicycling in a group on Tuesday, August 22, 2023.

“I’m about to be 60 and the fact that I’m still riding is a blessing,” cyclist LeeAnn Steigerwald-Myer said. “It’s good exercise, it’s not hard on my legs, it’s not hard on [my] body. It gets your heart pumping, and it’s exciting because I’m still able to do it and I wanna just keep on doing it until I’m riding an E-Bike.”

Other cyclists picked up the hobby after experiencing the excitement of Hotter’n Hell Hundred.

“I used to volunteer to hand out water at the rest stops,” another cyclist, Jefferson Guillory, said. “I figured one day I need to try that, so here I am.”

Some found bicycling to be soothing.

“Finally in 2017 I jumped on it,” cyclist Ronnie Baker said. “It gets a little nervous out there sometimes, and you just got to stick with your goals and get out there and have fun. You know, cycling is like therapy.”

Therapeutic, yes, but it does come with risks.

“Gosh, accidents happen, every day from minor to major,” cyclist David Fisher said.

“Then the dogs or any animal,” Steigerwald-Myer continued. “I always carry a whistle. It might look silly but always carry a whistle with me. I also carry my taser, not trying to hurt anyone, but the sound itself will deter the dogs.”

“Always have a headlight and a backlight, and a helmet and good supply of fluid,” Fisher said.

For cyclists like Fisher, he said he never lets an accident stop him

“They’re a great bunch of people,” Fisher continued. “They are very supportive.”

Other cyclists agreed that the community they’ve built has been beneficial.

“I started riding the mountain bike trail,” Baker said. “I had a little bike and everything making good friends. One day we were riding, and they said ‘Here, we got something for you, a brand new mountain bike.'”

The community of cyclists said they also take care of each other.

“I had a flat on the road, and one guy pulls out an air pump,” Guillory said. “I’m like, where did he get that from, and he pulled it out the back of his shirt. [He] pumped up my tire and I [was] back on the road again, so I was like ‘Wow.”

If you’d like to join this community of cyclists, check out their Facebook.