WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The party kicked off on Scott Avenue for the 41st Annual Hotter’N Hell 100 early Saturday morning.

Riders of all ages gathered at the starting line and finished at the Finish Line Village. For Gustavo Carrillo, this is his second year riding, and he says he enjoyed the ride and can’t wait for next year.

“When I was crossing the gigantic bridge, I like the speed I got when I was going down,” Carrillo said.

For Crystal Moreno, who rides with the Community Healthcare Center, she says the community support of putting this event on is what makes her proud.

“I’ve talked to people who say they come from like Europe and places like that because it’s like the most organized race, and that feels really good to hear from people from everywhere,” Moreno said.

But the ride is more than just an event for Elijah and Angus Ersch. The two lost their Peepaw last year and drove down to ride in his memory.

Elijah has rode in the race three times, and this is Angus’ first.

“Our Peepaw was like a big influence on our lives, and he did this race almost every year,” Elijah said.

“It means a lot,” Angus said. “First time I’ve ever pushed myself this hard and just feels really good making it that far and still having some more to go. I could probably do a little bit more.”

So whether you’re riding for a purpose or fun, there’s always a great time for cyclists at the Hotter’N Hell Hundred.

The medical director of the Hotter’N Hell Hundred decided to close the Hell’s Gate portion of the ride at 11:30 a.m. Saturday due to a dangerous heat index. Hell’s Gate is an area of the ride that is roughly 60 miles from the start.

Riders that had not gone past were re-directed to the 100K route, meaning they finished the race with around 75 miles.

According to officials, the last rider crossed the finish line around 5 p.m., and there have been over 9,000 participants, not including Sunday’s activities.