WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The Hotter’N Hell Hundred brings in more than 1,300 cyclists from all across the country to Wichita Falls.

In addition to an influx of people and foot-traffic, many local shops and resturants see a rise in consumer business, helping sustain the economy.

From restaurants and bars to bike shops and hotels, businesses in Wichita Falls certainly see the dollars roll in as riders do the same.

“The Hotter’N Hell brings in somewhere between five and a half and eight and a half million dollars a year in our community,” Endurance House Owner Mark Pinson said. “That’s done through sales tax, through the expo that’s going to our hotels, the restaurants that they eat, it’s all the money they spend here gets charged that sales tax, and all that money comes back to our city.”

“I don’t know if we necessarily see a bigger rush, but we definitely see a lot of new faces, which is super fun,” Broken Tap Owner Stacey Hawkins said. “We’ll meet people from all over the country, so much other countries, it’s a lot of fun.”

The Highlander in downtown Wichita Falls is not too far from the start line.

“This is one of our busiest days of the year for us, because that’s when we make our money,” Highlander Kitchen Manager Corey Sanders said. “You know, like I said, everybody wants to come in, everybody’s out of town. They got their families. And I mean, we’re not a very big restaurant itself. So we have lines at the door, people just wanting to come in.”

Hotter’N Hell especially highlights the downtown area.

“So Hotter’N hell weekend for downtown is huge. It’s such an influx of visitors, and we want to encourage everybody, locals and visitors alike, to go downtown, come downtown and support all the local small businesses that we have downtown,” Marketing Director of Downtown Wichita Falls Development Jeanette Charos said. “With such a boost to the local economy and extra sales tax that’s generated, it goes into those city funds for A, for B tax funds, and that allows us to do some of the programs that we do here at Downtown Wichita Falls Development with some of those tax funds.”

For endurance house owner mark pinson, the impact is felt long before cyclists pull up to Scott Avenue.

“This is by far our biggest weekend,” Pinson said. “We basically move this whole store to the expo. So with that – the 100 here, I mean – we’re losing, we’re not losing. We’re making somewhere between, you know, 20, 30,000 bucks is the you know, the money that the sales tax comes off of that stays right here in the community.”

For years, the Hotter’N Hell Hundred has been putting Wichita Falls on the map and money in local pockets.

If you know someone coming into town or if you plan to be out and about this weekend, don’t forget about the Consumer Show at the MPEC Exhibit Hall. The show starts Thursday, August 24, at 3 p.m. and will continue until Saturday morning.