WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — All good things must come to an end, including the 41st Annual Hotter’N Hell Hundred.

Sunshine all the time makes a desert.

“I love it, I love it; this is one of the races I never miss, as a matter of fact,” Criterium Category 3 Unofficial Winner Josue Ramos said.

Hotter’N Hell wound down Sunday with the Criterium Race and Wee-Chi-Tah Trail Run.

“It was a really great event; it’s always a really great event put on by the local trail here,” 10K Trail runner Casandra Castro said. “It was great. It was great weather, so I had a fun time.”

Josue Ramos has a passion for all things cycling. Though he had some doubts after competing in the big race and recovering from Covid recently, but overall, he felt good on his race time and loves the cycling community in Wichita Falls.

“It feels great that cities like this one, they try to do events like this because if not, the sport dies, you know?” Ramos said. “If we can’t close the streets, where are we going to go?”

Wichita Falls native Casandra Castro finished first in her category. She recently became a trail runner and has competed three times, with the Quadzilla in her sights for next year.

“A lot of people, this trail is a hidden secret, so that’s my thing is get all the awareness out,” Castro said. “Especially with the Hotter’N Hell. Everyone is like, ‘There’s a trail event?’ Like, yes. It happens every year. So it’s great that people get to see the trail and experience it as a run, but also it’s a mountain bike trail.”

That’s a wrap for the 2022 Hotter’N Hell Hundred Weekend as the awe leaves participants wanting more.