WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Pulling off a successful event like the Hotter’N Hell Hundred means a lot to the city of Wichita Falls and there’s one area that is a top priority: safety.

“Over the years we’ve been able to plan this over and over so the operation plan has been carried on but we’ve had some additional things like additional officers coming from all over the department. They’re gonna have detectives, folks from community service, we’re all going to be out there in uniform working,” Wichita Falls PD Sergeant Charlie Eipper said.

Eipper says they will have eyes and ears just about everywhere this weekend, controlling traffic, out along rest stops, and just patrolling the area, to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

“Safety’s number one. We have taken precautions, we do have measures, we can’t really reveal everything we’re doing because that wouldn’t be very secure. So we do have a plan and we’re taking it serious. We want our folks to come down and have a great time people coming to the city we want to show them what Wichita Falls is like and what the people are like,” Eipper said.

With thousands of people on their bikes, it’s important to remember to share the road this weekend.

“Yield to the bikes, let them go through, keep your head on a swivel because people are gonna be tired especially at the last parts of these races. They are not thinking about their safety, they are not thinking about checking intersections so please keep your eyes open for those bike riders,” Eipper said.

Plus remember, if you see something, say something because this is an event that WFPD wants everyone to enjoy.

“It’s one of those things, it’s traditional, it’s festive, and I think it starts at a great place downtown Wichita Falls, and how that’s starting to turn. So yeah, it’s an extra day for us to come out and work some of us, but we enjoy it,” Eipper said.

Wishing everyone a safe Hotter’N Hell weekend!

Click here to find information on road closures, parking, and navigating downtown during Hotter’N Hell.