The Wichita Falls Umpires Association (WFUA) hosted a Fall clinic headlined by former MLB and current Division I umpire Casey Moser.

Moser is an Iowa Park native, getting his start in umpiring here in Texoma.

A classroom session in the morning was followed by on-field work in the afternoon, in which Moser shared tips and tricks with the members of the local umpires chapter.

The WFUA is actively recruiting new members to join. Much like officials’ organizations in all sports at all levels across the country, there is a shortage of umpires.

Anyone interested in finding out more information can contact Scott Williams, the chapter president, at or head to their website. The WFUA Facebook page can be found here.

New umpire training begins in December, where the WFUA will teach fundamentals. It is open to anyone, regardless of prior experience.