YOUNG COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Following a brawl between players during a Friday Night Football District 3-4A matchup between the Hirschi Huskies and the Graham Steers, the final outcome of the game remains a mystery.

With under one minute remaining in the third quarter and Hirschi leading Graham 24-14, the game was suspended after players from both teams began fighting one another on the field.

Up to that point in the game, there had been 22 flags thrown in the contest, many of which were personal foul penalties.

After lengthy discussions between coaches, administrators, and officials from Graham ISD, Wichita Falls ISD, and the UIL, there appeared to be three options:

  • Option 1 — One team forfeits the game
  • Option 2 — The game resumes at a different time
  • Option 3 — A district executive committee will independently rule to determine outcome

Scot Hafley, WFISD’s Athletic Director, released a statement, saying the game can’t be resumed due to the number of players determined to have been ejected.

“The District 3-4A District Executive Committee will meet to determine the official winner of the game,” Hafley said. “Suspended players will sit out in accordance with UIL rules.”

As KFDX Sports Journalist MJ Baird explained, that means the game will not resume, however, neither team will forfeit the game.

The 3-4A District Executive Committee will hold a hearing, which is expected to be virtually attended by all of the district’s Superintendents, including Dr. Donny Lee of WFISD, and Sonny Cruse of Graham ISD.

Also in attendance will be the Superintendents of Midland Greenwood, Snyder, and Sweetwater, the other three schools in Graham and Hirschi’s district.

A vote will be held to determine the outcome of the game, with Graham ISD and WFISD’s superintendents abstaining from voting. The vote will then determine who the winner of this game is.

The District 3-4A District Executive Committee will meet on Thursday, October 13, 2022, to decide the game’s final outcome.

Following that decision, both Graham ISD and WFISD will issue punishments to the players involved, then file incident reports to the District Executive Committee, which will decide whether or not the punishments are appropriate.

If any issues arise, the committee will file an incident report, which will then make its way to the State Executive Committee. They will then intervene if they feel it is necessary.