The Olney Cubs have a new coach, a new attitude and a player which is making the switch from protecting the quarterback to being the quarterback. 

It’s no secret. The Cubs are well aware of their record over over the past six seasons. One win, 59 losses.      

First-year Cubs head coach Jody Guy is familiar with taking teams to the next level. He’s never shied away from a coaching challenge, coming to Olney from Shamrock where he led the Fighting Irish to their first playoff appearance in 16 years – making the playoffs in five of his nine seasons at the helm.  

 “I do like coming into places that maybe haven’t had much success and being able to build something,” says Guy.  “I’m a big family, brotherhood-type guy. We talk about that and really stress that.”

The Cubs were outscored 573-27 a year ago so improvements need to be made on both sides of the ball. On offense, a litter of Cubs will tote the pigskin.  

On defense, the Cubs allowed an average of 57 points per game, something the players are not proud of.      

“It hurts just seeing the scoreboard get up that high,” says linebacker Garrett Trevino. “It shouldn’t get up that high and I feel that we’ll show people how the Olney Cubs are really going to play.”