Friday Night Football Preview: 2019 Quanah Indians- August 15, 2019

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Quanah hit the ground running in 2018. A 3-2 District record and a playoff birth under new head coach Matt Garvin.

“He’s way tougher on us than the previous coach, but that’s just how he is. You think he’s being mean, but he’s not really mean, he’ll earn your respect really fast,” said Landin Leija.

“He’s really big on strength and conditioning, so he’s pushing us real hard. I feel like it’s gonna help a lot coming into the season,” said Hunter Coley.

“When you talk small school football and talk about reloading and rebuilding when you talk to a 5A or 6A guy it’s a little different than when you talk to a 1A or 2A guy. We get what we get,” said Matt Garvin.

And Coach Garvin says ultimately you just fit personnel to what’s best for the players, and this Quanah team has some ballers, but also some distinct decisions to be made.

“Unproven right now I guess at running back and it’s a complete mystery right now at quarterback. We’ve got everything from a freshman to a junior and a senior vying for it. I’ll be able to answer that question a little better for ya in about 3 weeks,” said Matt Garvin.

“We’re gonna be quicker than most people on the field like from side to side we’re gonna be fast. And our defense is gonna be pretty good, and our line, they came in and worked very hard all summer. We had a lot of people show up,” said Landin Leija.

“Go to strength and conditioning every single day. We’ve had a lot of young guys step up and go. That’s gonna be a big help,” said Hunter Coley

The Indians say speed is key on both sides of the ball, and Bradin Thomas is expected to be a big factor with his hands at wide receiver and defensive back.

“He’s got some insane feet. Runs some great routes so he’s gonna be a great help,” said Hunter Coley.

Defensively, the Indians return more than half their starters from last season, but still, have holes to fill.

“We felt like we had two of the better tandem linebackers last year and so we’ve really done things to enhance their skill set. Their tough, scrappy small kids, but we’re gonna do things to cover them up and let them run free,” said Matt Garvin.

“A lot of blitzes a lot of crazy stunts. Just at your face the whole game,” said Hunter Coley.

An important intensity as a tough district 5-2A looms on the horizon once again.

“This really defines the rest of the season for us. So we just need to work hard here and hopefully, we can take some good people down,” said Landin Leija.

“District Championship is the main goal, I think we can do it. We’re a young team but we’ve got a lot of talent,” said Hunter Coley.

While relying on the long-standing Quanah tradition of Puha.

“It means strength in numbers so we’re stronger as a team than we are by ourselves,” said Hunter Coley.

“Something to believe in really, like Indian magic and power. So we’re just trying to take that power and make it good at football I guess,” said Landin Leija.

And together, this Quanah team is confident they can do big things in 2019.

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