Sports Spotlight: Graham Girl’s Relay Team- March 27, 2019

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2019 Ram Relays at Jackie Harvey Track Complex in Mineral Wells, Texas on February 23, 2019

Rosie Schaffer, Summer Croxton, Chloe Menard, and Claire Jones all have experience running the 4 x 200 relay. The’ve been teammates for four years. Along the way they’ve set the school relay record in junior high and in high school. The fast foursome became the first group since 2000 to qualify for state in the event in 18 years. 

“Obviously they’re very fast, but its alot more than just the speed. What you really love about this group is that they are dedicated to each other, they do well together, but they are so reliable. You can just count on them,, They’re always going to be there.. They’re always going to stay late. They’re always going to support each other so its alot more than just speed,” said Mark Walton.

“When we go to track meets, everyone is like.. oh Graham is here. They get nervous because they know were good and that makes me feel really good because their threatened. They feel threatened by us, because we have worked so hard since you know.. we were little, and we;’ve grown up together and working hard and practicing everyday for this relay. Its just incredible,” said Rosie Schaffer.

“I think thats part of the reason were so successful as a relay is because we know each other. You know we know where are hands are going to be. We have a bond that carrys the relay,” said Summer Croxton.

“Its just so fun knowing that all the hard work we’ve done.. that all of us have done…has paid off.. just being down in the record books its reallly exciting,” said Chloe Menard.
    The bond they have not only makes them a faster and better relay team.. but also better individual competitors.

“Without those three girls I wouldnt be the runner I am today because every single practice we are out here pushing each other. We’re trying to see who can run the fastest. We are trying to see who can go the farthest. Who can do the most and so everyday were out here we are trying to make each other push and give 110%. The next day 120%. We all hold each other to a high accountability that I think it makes us better individually,” said Claire Jones.

    143.89.. their time which set the school record in 2018….And a record these girls believe they can beat again. 

“This year its really been fun to watch them because that experience of having to made it to state and having gone to state. They are just leaders out there now. They expect to go back. They enjoy coming to work out and they enjoy competeing and they take it seriously,” said Mark Walton.

“And its like this one celebratory hug. No matter what we did. If we got last in the relay or we got first and its this moment of congratulating each other on the race they did because we know that we all put forth our best effort so no matter what that effort ending up looking like we always congratulate each other and make sure that were building each other up,” said Claire Jones.

    As a team… these four girls will continue to build each other up.. sprinting their hardest to district.. then to area.. and hopefully to state. 

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