Sports Spotlight: Jackson Sisters Contributing to Burkburnett’s Success – February 15, 2017

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Although sisters Paradize and Eternity Jackson suited up in Lady Bulldog uniform together last year, this year is different.
“So, we played together for a while, in the summer, mostly, and then we played together last year for the first time in high school, and it was fun, but since we got experience, we’re better this year playing together, so it helped us basically, and this is my last year, too, so it’s just even more fun. We’ve grown closer on and off the court, so it’s just a good connection,” says Paradize.
Eternity continues, “It’s really fun to play together, because played together when we were younger, but it’s more serious when we play in high school. But we feed off each other, and it’s just exciting to play with her, because we kind of have the same personality.”
Both personalities are fueled by competition – Eterinty says it’s something that makes the people around them better, “We’re competitive so we drive everyone else to be competitive. That’s why I’m competitive, too. I just look up to her in every way.”
And that means a lot to the older of the two sisters, Paradize, “Sometimes I think about it as it being a lot on to have on my shoulders, but it’s also good because it helps me as a person. I always think about what I’m doing because I know I’m a leader of my team and of my sister. So it just helps me become stronger.”
Paradize has enjoyed watching her sister grow, “We had experience together last year, so that made her better, and she stepped up a lot more this season for sure. I was younger and I’ve grown, and so I know how she feels right now, because I was in the same position that she was. So, I just encourage her all the time, and she stepped up with me to be a leader also, so we’re both leaders of our team.”
“She’s a shooter and I’m a point guard, so I’m always ready to look for her or someone else but when I feed it to her, there’s just something about it, there’s a click. She scores, she’s hyped, it makes me want to be hyped! We do the same thing, basically!” says Eternity.
The Lady Bulldogs sit at 23-3 on the season. Having continued success is important to both sisters, especially because this is likely the last year they may ever play on a basketball team together, “That for sure is a big reason I really want to go far, and this is the year to do it, and I would like to do it with her, together. We’ve been doing so good already, why stop? Just keep it up.”
Eternity adds, “We’re making history already, so even if we get past the third round it’s history, and just winning is fun.”
Both Jackson’s agree: winning is the most fun with your sister.

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