Sports Spotlight: Seth Bearden- May 15, 2019

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As a freshman, Crowell’s Seth Bearden qualified for state in both golf and tennis and came home the 1A State Golf Champion. 

    One year later, Bearden is back again ready to compete at state, first in tennis and then the next week golf, hoping to walk away with two more gold medals.

“It’s just trying to figure out time to go practice both of them,” said Seth Bearden.

Alot of late nights and Saturday’s and Sunday’s  you know we take him to the golf course extra time and things. We try to practice tennis during the week and then as parents we take him to the golf course on the weekends  and try to get as much practice in as we can.

    Stephanie Bearden is not only Seth’s tennis coach.. but also his mom.

“He gets it from his mother all of his hot temper and stuff, so I cant blame him, but we do butt heads quite often but we work through it and he knows that everything that I tell him is for the betterment of his game.. and he listens.. pretty good.. haha.He just loves to do everything and he wants to try and do his absolute best at everything he does. He gets it from both parents. We push him hard at everything of course being in a small school you play everything so thats why he wants to step out there and do everything for all of his coaches,” said Stephanie Bearden.

    Seth’s doubles partner, Colby Caroll, has been with him every step of the way. Since seventh grade tennis, all the way to qualifiying for state for the second year in a row, this dynamic duo are not only teammates, but also longtime friends.

“We’ve played together since our seventh grade year, we’ve played together a lot throughout our childhood. We’ve been best friends for a long time so its kinda grown a bond together. Its amazing just because we’ve known each other so long. We know each other so well.. it helps a lot,” said Colby Carroll.

“I like playing with my partner.. we’ve played together a long time and I like the team aspect of it. I like that and getting fired up and getting ready to play. Its a little different than golf so,” said Seth Bearden.

    As a T-O Jr. Golf Champion and a 1A State golf champion, golf will always hold a special place in Seth’s heart.

“I’m better at golf so.. golf’s my favorite. It may be a little easier just because everything is on you. You have to do everything. You dont have to rely on somebody else to beat you or your partner so .. just yourself,” said Seth Bearden.

    But first, Seth will have to focus on State Tennis before swinging into the next challenge. The journey to another gold medal starts now.

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