Sports Spotlight: Thankful Coaches and Players- November 19, 2018

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For this week’s sports spotlight.. Well…Because its time for Thanksgiving, I thought we would allow our local athletes and coaches time to reflect on what the holiday is really about: remembering all that we have to be thankful for

Danny Youngs said, ” You know the wins and losses are great, but you know the thing I am thankful for is that we have good quality people around these young people.”

Carson Sager said, “My dogs are always there for me.. I’m definitely thankful for my family and basketball.”

Don Carlson said,” God, my family, my friends, and our football team being healthy this year.”

Ayden Hutchins said, “I’m thankful for family and friends. Life wouldn’t be the same without them. I am just thankful for the team, thankful for sports and school, and Holliday High School.”

Marc Bindel said, “I’m thankful for my wife and kids whom I love very much. I’m thankful that I get to coach at Rider with great faculty and kids and I am thankful for uh… a great jump shot.”

Cliff McGuire said, “For great kids to work with and being blessed with better basketball skills than Coach Bindel.”

Fred Fleeks said, “Danny Youngs… He helps us with a lot of things.. He does a lot for us. Thankful for my teammates… every single one of them. They help me get through every single day.”

Kellar Owens said, “A couple of things I’m thankful for is my family… my teammates.. and just the ability to play every year.”

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