Sports Spotlight: Tuan Hoang- January 23, 2018

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It takes a lot more than heavy weights to be a good powerlifter.. it takes dedication… and discipline.

Christopher Nabors said, “Being sore.. you have to lift a lot and you get sore and you want to quit and you don’t want to do it but you have to keep going and get it done. Diet.. you have to eat the right stuff and have a lot of water.. keep your body healthy for lifting.”

Rick Chalenburg said, “These guys have to watch their weight, you know that’s a part of it. We try to figure out what weight class each kid can get in and some of them we ask to gain weight some of them we ask to lose a little bit of weight and the big thing about it to is.. when your under that bar there’s nobody to blame if you don’t get it but yourself so if you’re going to quit then it shows and most of these guys have no quit in them.”

Tuang Hoang certainly has no quit in him.. Following in the footsteps of his two older brothers who also competed under Coach Chalenburg.. Hoang is always looking working toward bettering himself.

Tuan Hoang said, “Ever since Todd my oldest brother was here and Chalenberg has been here and seeing Chalenberg push them and almost winning state and there’s just been so many people that have motivated me and for Chalenberg to have state champions. I want to be one of them and make him proud before I leave.”

At 5’4 and in the 148-pound weight class… Hoang is not afraid of big weights.. or a big challenge. Hoang placed first in his weight class in the Hirschi Invitational squatting 450 pounds and dead lifting 460 pounds.

Tuan Hoang said, “I just.. I come in early. I know I am going to be sore everyday its just mind over matter at this point. Like everyday I have been sore so stretching a lot.. eating healthy.. a little running.”

Rick Chalenburg said, “These kids.. they go out and compete and we get after it and you know if you’re gonna do it. Lets do it right and lets go compete.”

Compete. Against the soreness.. Against the weight… Against themselves.. You can bet Hoang and the City View Powerlifting team will continue to compete. With a State Championship as the ultimate goal. 

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