Team of the Week: Christ Academy Boy’s Basketball- January 17, 2019

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Seven strong.. That is the Christ Academy Warrior’s motto. There may only be seven.. but these seven play with a whole lot of hustle and a whole lot of heart.

Patrick Mitchell said, “Every game is a championship game. We dont take any games lightly, we dont take any games easily. When we come to practice, we practice like that game is the championship game and in order for us to do that, we have to make sure that everyones on the same page, and with us being on the same page.. It alows us to run in game plays, it allows us to make adjustments during the game without having to call timeouts. And thats what we do.. we practice like champions so we can play like champions.”

This is Coach Mitchell’s first year coaching the Warriors and he is building a foundation for the basketball program at Christ Academy.

Logan Cypher said, “He changed the basketball program around you know. We went from like a mediocre team winning some losing some to like were winning games.. were having a good time and were having the best year of our school you know best history of our school you know how hes putting us together as a group has just been crazy.. its been fun the whole trip.”

Patrick Mitchell said, “It was really rough… you get seven kids that have never played together. Some cant make lay-ups, some cant make jump-shots and the first two months of our training we didnt even touch a basketball. Two months of training no basketball. We were outside, we were doing stadiums, tire pushes, tire pulls, exercises, growing as a team. Bonding.”

Bonding is just what happened.. Allowing the team to face adversity and identify their strengths.. together.

Carson Kosub said, “Our speed and our defense are our calling card.. we are what you would call a small team. We have very little height, but what we lack in height we make up in heart, we make up in grit, we make up in communication on our defense. No team is going to get by us easy.”

Patrick Mitchell said, “When your tallest guy is 6’1, you have to offer something else. We cant body alot of teams. We have to be fast. We have to be aggressive. We have to be.”

They have to be seven strong.. more than just a motto. Its a mindset changing a small team into big competitors.

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