Team of the Week: Hirschi Huskies- September 12, 2019

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For Hirschi’s first home game of the season, The Huskies hosted the Frenship Tigers in a 4A versus 6A matchup that would go down to the wire.

Just before half, A Fred Fleeks touchdown pulls the Huskies within 10.

“My coach before the game even started he said, he told us a quick story. The moral of the story was no surrender, no retreat. He told us that we were going to burn our ships and we’re not going home unless we are going on their ships. So, basically said, we are not taking our boats home. We are taking their boats home, and we are going to get this win no matter what,” said Fred Fleeks.

“We always say we cant fall for the trap game, so we have to prepare for everybody and anybody. It doesn’t matter who it is. We gotta go in thinking we know what we have to do and be prepared,” said Antonio Wiley.

With a little over six minutes left in the game, on fourth and one from their own 35 yard line, Fleeks would again take it all the way to the end zone to make it a three point game.

After Frenship went 3-and-out, the Huskies got the ball back and made a 24 yard field goal to tie the score 30-30 sending the game into overtime.

“I give it all to the coaches, because they knew what they were doing before we did. As soon as they had seen the formation, they knew exactly what defense to play to call and whatever we had to do was necessary,” said Antonio Wiley.

“It’s amazing I mean I watch our kids, and I know that they are growing every week. They are growing up. They are a different team than the one that walked out there and played Graham in week one. And they will be a different team this week when they go play Sweetwater. I think that the sky’s the limit for this group of young men because they just know how to compete. They never give up. Even when they go down big, they will keep battling. They were down 17 at one point. And those kids, they got a lot of grit. Grit and determination. You cant give that to people. That’s something that’s just ingrained in them,” said Antonio Wiley.

Frenship scored on the first possession of overtime, but Hirschi would respond. Tryston Randall to Isaiah Wilson who leaped high for a catch in the end zone to put Hirschi within one.

“We were in a situation where you look on their line and they’ve got forty extra players sitting over there, and we have twenty two, twenty three when our first eleven are on the field. We had already played an extensive amount of defensive reps. We probably played about eighty reps by that time, and I just felt like that if we kept trying to go into overtime with them, that eventually fatigue was going to win it for them. So I just said you know what. Its time. Let’s win it. We just said you know what, we’ve got this play drawn up. We’ve practiced it. We didn’t actually practice it that week in practice, but we practiced it prior to and we just said lets do it. And the kids went out and executed it like they have been practicing it all week, so that’s a testament to them,” said Antonio Wiley.

The Huskies go for the two point conversion. Fleeks lobs the ball up to Chris Murray…… game over.

“I had looked at everybody and they literally had about nine or ten people in the box, and they had one dude on the wide receiver. And then I just looked at Chris and I knew that it was going to be wide open,” said Fred Fleeks.

The Huskies win 38-37. A game which will be talked about for years to come by players and coaches alike.

While the season is far from over, the game solidified one thing:
the Hirschi Huskies will never surrender and never retreat.

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