The Holliday Eagles are the District 8-3A Champions after a walk off win Friday against Jacksboro.

“That had to have been the best moment that I ever had on this team, just the excitement of it,” said Eagles first baseman Brendan Toulan. “The way we did it against Jacksboro and everything, that’s the best moment on this team for sure.”

“I was just in awe, honestly,” said Blake Gray, Holliday’s second baseman. “I just kind of stood there and watched the ball hit the fence. My friend Brendan came up behind me just screaming in my ear and I just couldn’t believe it. It was so exciting.”

And with that the Eagles take home Team of the Week honors!

“I think it’s great,” said Eagles head coach Sam Fluty. “It recognizes the players and the efforts that they put toward it. It should mean a lot to them.”

“Ah it’s amazing,” Toulan said. “I think we got it one time last year, but just the way we did it this year, winning district. I mean, it’s such an honor. And we’re really appreciative of it.”

But, the season started out a little slow for Holliday.

“We have a lot of young kids but everyone has really come together at the right time,” said Toulan. “We struggled early in the year. As we’ve gotten though the year, everyone stepped up and played their role and that’s been really important to us.”

“We started out with the first part of the year in the tournament season, we were very young and took our lumps a little bit,” Fluty said. “We pretty well grew up in a hurry by the time we got to district and they’ve done an outstanding job.”

That outstanding job falls on the hands of Fluty.

“Coach Fluty is the best baseball coach I’ve ever had,” said Gray.

“Coach Fluty has not only made me a better baseball player, but more importantly he’s made me a better person,” Toulan said.

Fluty plans to retire at the end of the season. His players say they are going to give it their all to get as far as they can in the playoffs, for him.

“I want us to go further than last year,” Gray said. “We made it three rounds last year, but honestly I would like to go to the state tournament.”

“Every game it seems like we were fighting to the end, lots of close games, but one thing about this team is that they give their all every single game,” Toulan said. “And that’s what I love about these guys is that I know that they’re going to give me their all every time we’re on the field.”

Fluty said he hopes a win marks the end of his tenure at Holliday.

“I’m, just trying to enjoy it,” Fluty said. “Winning the district championship just made it that much better. I’ve been blessed to be here. It’s the best place I ever been, teaching wise, coaching wise. I am going to miss it.”