Not only is the Midwestern State Men’s tennis team the 2018 Lone Star Conference champs, they’re our Team of the Week! 

“We are 18-5 right now and I think this is one of our best seasons that we’ve had at MSU,” said senior Vasudev Vijayaraman. “The really neat thing about our team is that we really believe in each other. And I think the best part about this team is that we have a really young team and I know everyone believes in the guys playing next to each other.”

“Well this team works extremely hard every day, that’s the fun part of the this team,” said Mustangs head coach Scott Linn. “We don’t have egos, where guys don’t always show up and train. They’ve pretty much been non-stop since the beginning of January. They work extremely hard. They work for each other.”

That hard work is propelling the Mustangs to finish the season strong, defeating UT Permian Basin 8-1.

It was a win Vijayaraman said he’ll never forget, since they finished 3rd in the conference last season.

“And it was a really tough moment for us, because we lost 5-4 to Cameron and that was really hard on us,” Vijayaraman said. “This year just going out and just the team finishing 8-1 in the last match of the league was just great. It was probably just the best feeling because it the last match up of the regular season and it was just great for us to go into the post season with a win like that. It definitely gives us a lot of belief and confidence.”

“They’re really starting to recognize how good they are,” said Linn. “That’s kind of my hope as a coach, that they start to believe deeply how good they can be. I think they have bigger plans. This weekend we have a big tournament, the conference tournament and then regionals. Then hopefully we’ll get a chance to go to the national championship tournament. So, they’re happy to win this one, but they have bigger plans as well.”

The Mustangs will travel to Corpus Christi Friday to compete in the Lone Star Conference tournament. They were finalists in last year’s tournament.