Team of the Week: Wichita Falls Boys’ Basketball- January 24, 2019

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With a win over crosstown rival Christ Academy ….. Wichita Christian Head Coach Josh Johnson earned his 150th career coaching victory…..and his team moved to the top of the district standings.

Josh Johnson said, “It was really a special moment. Especially getting that win over a district opponent.. a district rival in Christ Academy and it was just good to be apart of getting that 150 with this group of guys that I have been with for three or four years.”

The Stars have a 13-6 on the season and 5 and 1 in district play …. Senior Captains Evan Findley, Griffin Messer, and Dayln Miller all say the Wichita Christian Boy’s Basketball programs success is all thanks to Coach Johnson

Evan Findley said, “He’s completely revamped our basketball program. We’re a hard working team now. Used to.. we would just go through the motions, but now we know we gotta be a gritty team to be able to succeed so he’s really instilled that among us.”

Dayln Miller said, “Most of the time  in practice hes pretty fun. Hes really fun to be around, but in the game he can turn it on. Last night at the game we were running at halftime because we werent performing to our abilites so hes either hit or miss, but hes a fun guy I love him.”

Griffin Messer said, “His coaching style is just amazing, some people think hes crazy, but I think hes one of the greatest coaches of all time. Like he understands the game of basketball so much that he helps us understand the game as well as he does.And he increased my IQ at least, he increased my ability to play and I am seeing this throughout everyone else.”

The team’s motto this season is setting the bar… Coach Johnson has set the bar high for the team not only as players, but as men.

Evan Findley said, “We know that he’s coaching us as a player and not a person, so uh we know that hes got our back, and he truly loves and that he is always going to fight for us. He tells us to not get the texts and let him handle it and be the crazy person and fight for us.”

Griffin Messer said, “He gives us great life lessons as a player just to stay composed when were down.Sometimes in games when we are down we get flustered our heads our down and coach is like we need our heads up  we need our heads up.Were better than this team and normally we are, so as long as we keep our heads up thats helped me get through high school.”

For Coach Johnson.. its not about the winning.. or the games or the hours spent at practice.. Its about the relationships built.

Josh Johnson said, “Ive been blessed and fortunate to coach jr high ball, high school ball, and even coach at the college level as well as a head coach.. so um just being with the kids and spending time with them and seeing them smile when I walk on the gym floor or just getting the questions of what are we wearing today? Or Coach whats the game plan today? Thats whats the most rewarding part.”

And you can be sure the next 150 wins will be just as rewarding as the first 150. 

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