When you play for an NFL team, dealing with injuries comes with the dinner, but rarely, do strong, healthy young men deal with disease. That is what 4-time Pro Bowl center Travis Frederick faces now.  Frederick has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which attacks the nervous system. An emotional Sean Lee addressed the situation Thursday.

“It’s tough to see. We’ve been praying for him. If there’s anybody that can fight through something like this it’s Travis. He’s such an unbelievable person. Such an unbelievable teammate, and he’s been an unbelievable friend to me,” said Lee.

“I just told him to get his rest, and just make sure he does everything they ask him. We’re looking forward to getting him back,” said Cowboys offensive tackle La’el Collins.

“Listen, you are never going to replace a Pro Bowl center like that and someone with a football IQ like he has, and the energy he has, but luckily we have Joe Looney, who’s taken a lot of reps. He does a great job for us in there. He’s very ready and prepared for this opportunity,” said Cowboys offensive guard Zack Martin.

“Like I said the other day, you can’t replace Travis as a person or as a player. He means a lot to this team. We’re gonna miss him, and hopefully, we get him back soon and healthy. I sit next to Travis in meetings, and we would pick each other’s minds. ‘What call are you going to make here,’ so we’ll all be on the same page just in case something happens,” said Cowboys center Joe Looney.

Something has happened. Joe Looney is now the starting center, and there is no time table for the return of Frederick.