FRISCO, TX (Silver Star Nation) – NFL clubs have begun their rookie mini camps to get acquainted with the 2022 NFL draft class.

At the Star in Frisco, the Dallas Cowboys welcomed their rookie class with a celebration dinner on Thursday night, followed by a light practice on Friday.

Head coach Mike McCarthy says he uses the phrase “rookie orientation” rather than “rookie camp” because the events of the next several days will be a mix of football and other activities to make sure the veterans and the rookies get a chance to know the team and each other.

“I mean, 24 hours into it, you know, it’s really good. I mean, it was fun last night, you know, you know, you know, they all travel during the morning. You know, their physicals went on throughout the afternoon. I mean, you know, we kicked it off. I thought jerry was tremendous at 6:00 and welcome home. And, you know, just laying down the groundwork, you know, what’s in front of them as far as the opportunity and particularly the opportunity has been Dallas Cowboy. So, you know, we had some fun with their old, you know, their old uniforms and things like that. And, you know, their acknowledge every one of them, you know, their success in college. And then but then the reality is, you know, this is the starting point of, you know, what it is to be a Dallas Cowboy, what it takes to be a Dallas Cowboy. We had a really cool tradition in history of video that that our in our crew puts together. And it it’s kind of funny because, you know, near the end we transition, you know, all these great, you know, highlights over the decades of, you know, Dallas Cowboy history. And then you have these all these hall of famers speaking on what it means to be a Dallas Cowboy. And then the video ends with the players, you know, their highlights from college and, you know, and then like i told them once, you even had taken a snap and you guys were already in a highlight tape with the greatest players in the history of Dallas Cowboys. So that’s a pretty good start. But it’s I’ve always enjoyed the Thursday night dinner welcoming meeting and then frankly, you know, we finished up about seven, 730 and then they went with their position coaches to probably 9:00 and then it was all football today. So, but yeah, I think they’re off to a really good start with the record.”

The Cowboys 2022 schedule was released on Thursday night. The team opens with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers visiting AT&T Stadium on September 11th.