FRISCO, TX (SILVER STAR NATION) – The Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper said John Madden was to the NFL what Elvis Presley was to Rock and Roll. The passing of the legendary coach, broadcaster and video game pioneer, has had an impact on anyone who is associated with the NFL past and present.

Among those who knew the iconic coach and broadcaster well is Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy.

Coach McCarthy used part of his Wednesday morning news conference to talk about the time he spent with John Madden and the coach’s influence on the game of football.

Oh boy, John Madden left a huge footprint on the game of football. I think like any coach or anybody in the NFL, you remember the first time you meet coach Madden, and I remember I had a chance to do a production meeting with him and Pat Summerall, and when I was with the saints in new Orleans Saints as offensive coordinator. And it’s I mean, it’s still today. Well, you know, it’s a production meeting you never forget. It was, you just, you know, sitting in a room with these two legends. And but coach Madden would ask you something a significant amount of questions, a lot of very detailed questions about your fourth receiver. You know, who’s your third tackle? And it almost got to a point where you know you felt you were in an interview. So, I’m just extremely detailed. You can see, you know, you can see why he was so great at what he did and in the broadcasting booth because, you know, his preparation was on parallel.

But then, you know, later in my head coaching career, I had the privilege of being on the on the Madden coaches committee, and that was that was really cool because you can really you could get to hear his passion for the game of football. There’s always, you know, there’s always topics that would come up, you know, whether it was, you know, the way the game was trending. And I can remember, particularly after, I think it was the 2011 CBA where there he was an old offensive line coach. So, you did such a strong passion for four offensive line playing. And he just felt that the offensive linemen were at such a disadvantage because they weren’t able to able to train. And, you know, in the offseason program because, you know, just to be able to do all that work without any pads and so forth. So, he just, you know, his passion and his detail for the game of football was unparalleled. So, as you know, just to just to be part of that and just to be able to, you know, hear his input and all that was truly a privilege.

Madden died Tuesday at age 85.